Clay Light Fittings

House ADL – Glentana

(Handmade Clay Light Fittings on raised plaster detail)


Retro Plan Design


This site layout in Oubaai Golf Estate had peculiar angles, along with being a corner plot.  We enhanced the southern ocean vistas by having a raised central double volume with staggered sides.  A Porte-Cochere added as a distinctive detail to the layout.


Glass-brick Ceiling


We’ve used this detail in many occasions – especially in southern placed rooms – acts as ground floor ceilings.

A galvanized steel grid, painted with gloss white, forms the base. The glass-brick panel must be laid on a steeper slope than normal – to facilitate ‘no rainwater’ standstill.  A further requirement is that we would only use Mariners Silicon – and lots of it!

At night, when it rains, an external spotlight pointed onto these glass-bricks would have the effect of light dancing in the room below.  Light reflection on top would also play on external walls.


Optimal Site Orientation


This Glentana site came with a challenge with strange boundary angles and steep slopes.  We came up with this layout design to adhere to the clients’ request that every room must have an ocean view; even the wind sheltered splash pool has a partial view.

Another design victory was the usage of winter and summer sun angles – as you can see on the north point – is the difference in summer and winter sunsets and sunrises.

Per example: the central entertainment area will be flooded with winter sun – but protected against the summer sunsets.


Shower Tan


As seen here inside a shower envelope, a circular skylight detail within a concrete roof. What makes this cost-effective is that we only used a 600Ø fibre-cement pipe into concrete roof – and then boxed on top within square brick walls 170mm high.  S10-laminated silver glass panel is cut 50mm over square brick wall. Again: sun in a southern-faced room.


Sundance on Water

Sundance on Water – House DN in Glentana

The idea always is to make a house not just a place to live in – but to give the occupants experiences that will come alive!

At night – in front of the fireplace with the full moon dancing against the water feature.