Danna bay
Lecture rooms – Proposal
Oubaai Golf Estate
Duplex Living
Olympic Pool & Gym – Proposal
Group Housing

“Architects are visionaries, they are future builders. They see in a way that other people can’t. They see a space when it’s invisible. They can think 3-dimensional when things are only two dimensional.
They’re wicked smart. They ask just the right questions to find out what they need to know to help a client get the building or space they need. In fact, architects often during the course of their engagements end up helping clients to clarify their own business goals.”

About US

 M Smith Architectural Group

·         This architectural Group consists of many professionals that have worked together over the past years.
·         Professionals that can rely on each other to provide a cohering service to the client.
·         Consortium strength offers a client a better package regarding workmanship; budget; smoother operation; finished quality…
·         Marius Smith has 30 years of experience in the building industry with the main qualification in the Technology of Architecture.