Detailed Working Drawings

The Blueprint for Precision and Efficiency

The Power of Comprehensive Drawings

Our Detailed Working Drawings take your architectural vision to new heights, providing you with a more intricate and comprehensive set of drawings when you require an elevated level of detail. These drawings serve multiple purposes, especially when coordinating the Management of the Project on-site. They also play a crucial role in assisting the Quantity Surveyor in compiling a comprehensive Bill of Quantities. By providing all contractors with the same set of material specifications and quantities, we ensure a streamlined and efficient construction process.

Precise Room Data Sheets

Our Detailed Working Drawings encompass the exact dimensions of plug points, light points, and sanitary ware, leaving no room for ambiguity during the construction phase. This precision ensures that every element of your space is meticulously accounted for, resulting in a flawlessly executed project.

Thoughtful Tile Layouts

From floor to wall tiles, our Detailed Working Drawings include meticulously planned layouts with the necessary edging strips and expansion joints. These thoughtful details not only enhance the aesthetics of your space but also contribute to its structural integrity.

Complex Sections with Specifications

For intricate construction details, our Detailed Working Drawings include comprehensive sections with specifications, ensuring that every aspect of the design is communicated with clarity to the construction team.

Crafted Cupboard Layouts

Your kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms deserve the utmost attention to detail. Our Detailed Working Drawings provide carefully crafted cupboard layouts that optimise space utilisation and ensure a seamless fit for your bespoke storage needs.

Precision Electrical Layouts

Every light fitting and downlighter finds its precise location on our Detailed Working Drawings. The Electrical Layout ensures that your space is well-illuminated and that the electrical elements blend harmoniously with the overall design.

Thorough Window and Door Schedules

We leave no stone unturned in providing meticulous schedules for windows and doors, describing every part, including ironmongery. These details contribute to the security, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of your spaces.

Stormwater Layout for Sustainable Drainage

Our Detailed Working Drawings include the Stormwater Layout, accompanied by catch-pit and retention pond details, ensuring responsible and sustainable drainage solutions for your project.

Value Added Services

Our value-added services are designed to enhance your architectural experience and bring your vision to life with exceptional precision and creativity. From 3D images and videos that let you visualize your project in detail to streamlined plan submissions for a hassle-free approval process, we go above and beyond to ensure your project’s success.

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Sun Studies

At M Smith Architectural Group, we harness natural light’s transformative power, using meticulous sun studies to strategically position windows, skylights, and shading, creating energy-efficient spaces that promote well-being and aesthetic excellence.

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Municipal Approval Plans

Simplify the path to municipal approvals with M Smith Architectural Group, where our expert team crafts meticulous approval plans, ensuring compliance with codes and regulations for a seamless journey towards realizing your architectural vision.

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Energy Calculations

At M Smith Architectural Group, sustainability is intrinsic; employing advanced energy analysis, we fine-tune buildings for optimal efficiency, integrating passive design and systems that slash energy costs and carbon impact, embracing a future-focused architectural commitment.

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Empower Your Project with Precision
Detailed Working Drawings empower your project with precision, efficiency, and a focus on sustainability. At M Smith Architectural Group, we take immense pride in providing a level of detail that goes beyond expectations, enhancing the construction process and translating your vision into an architectural masterpiece. Get in touch to start your project.