Energy Calculations

Energy Calculations for Sustainable Architecture

At M Smith Architectural Group, sustainability and energy efficiency are not just buzzwords; they are the very essence of our architectural philosophy. Our dedication to environmental responsibility drives us to create buildings that not only inspire but also actively contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Sophisticated Energy Calculations and Thermal Performance Evaluation

To achieve our commitment to sustainability, we utilise sophisticated energy calculations and in-depth thermal performance evaluations. These analyses allow us to gain a deep understanding of your building’s energy needs, helping us optimise its consumption for efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Energy Calculations for Local Council Compliance

Beyond our own commitment to sustainability, we go the extra mile by providing the local Council or Municipality with a comprehensive set of Energy Calculations for the proposed project. This additional step demonstrates our dedication to responsible construction practices and lowering the building’s energy demands.

Information included in the Energy Calculations

To support the Council’s energy efficiency efforts, our Energy Calculations cover various crucial aspects of the building’s design:

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Building Orientation and Location

We analyse how the building’s placement and orientation affect its exposure to sunlight and prevailing winds. This understanding helps us optimise energy usage based on the site’s specific characteristics.

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Wall and Roof Types

The materials and insulation used in the walls and roof significantly impact the building’s thermal performance. We carefully assess and recommend appropriate materials to ensure optimal energy efficiency.

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Light Fittings

We provide details about the quantity and wattage of light fittings to promote energy-efficient lighting solutions throughout the building.

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Foundation Wall Perimeter Insulation

To minimise heat loss and improve energy performance, we recommend appropriate foundation wall perimeter insulation measures.

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Overall Window Areas with Radiant & Conductive Specifications

Windows play a crucial role in a building’s energy balance. We assess the overall window areas and provide specifications for radiant and conductive properties, ensuring that your building maintains comfortable temperatures throughout the year.

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Window Shading Details

Effective window shading is essential for preventing overheating in warmer months and reducing the need for air conditioning. We include detailed window shading solutions to optimise the building’s energy consumption.

Our Commitment to the Planet and
Future Generations

At M Smith Architectural Group, we firmly believe that environmentally responsible architecture is not just a passing trend; it is a profound responsibility we owe to the planet and future generations. By combining sophisticated energy calculations with passive design strategies and energy-efficient systems, we aim to create buildings that harmoniously coexist with the environment while significantly reducing their environmental impact. Your project represents more than just a structure; it is a testament to our shared commitment to building a sustainable and thriving world for all.

Value Added Services

Our value-added services are designed to enhance your architectural experience and bring your vision to life with exceptional precision and creativity. From 3D images and videos that let you visualize your project in detail to streamlined plan submissions for a hassle-free approval process, we go above and beyond to ensure your project’s success.

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Sun Studies

At M Smith Architectural Group, we harness natural light’s transformative power, using meticulous sun studies to strategically position windows, skylights, and shading, creating energy-efficient spaces that promote well-being and aesthetic excellence.

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Municipal Approval Plans

Simplify the path to municipal approvals with M Smith Architectural Group, where our expert team crafts meticulous approval plans, ensuring compliance with codes and regulations for a seamless journey towards realizing your architectural vision.

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Detailed Working Drawings

From concept to reality, our team’s precision shines in crafting comprehensive working drawings that breathe life into projects, ensuring flawless coordination across architectural, structural, and technical aspects for stunning, successful outcomes.

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